Soul Healing Testimonials

“The insight and support Sharon offers for one’s spiritual journey in her sessions is invaluable. I can highly recommend her work !”      

–  EV, South Africa (Earth-Keeper)


“I have had two healing sessions with Sharon. One in person and a follow up distance healing.

At the time, I was having some extreme difficulties in my life and the burden was almost more than I could bare and it was affecting all areas of my life.  Apparently I was carrying energy from past lifetimes that needed to be healed.  After the first session, I began to feel a lot of the burden lifted and was able to start to function somewhat normally again.  A few weeks later I still felt like I had more to release so I scheduled a long distance phone session. 

After the second session, I was amazed at how much stronger I felt and really began to feel normal again and had a renewed sense of moving forward with my life.  I will be forever grateful for Sharon’s help.  She is a very gifted and compassionate healer.”  

Elaine  (Earth-Keeper)


Sharon Sessions is a featured ‘ Master Healer’ at Earth-Keepers

“Her clear energetic light and purity of presence alone is in itself very healing, creating an immediate sense of comfort, well-being & joyful uplifting.   She is a lovely gentle soul who exudes wisdom, humility and warmth.”

By James Tyberonn, Author and Channel.  Leader of Earth-Keepers


“Like so many others I am working to clear the past and clear stuck energy. I want desperately to be free.  There is much stored in my body, my psyche and my soul and it sometimes feels like an impossible task and I am overwhelmed.

Sharon Sessions’ work has helped me clear enormous issues and a great deal of material. Each time we work together I am amazed at how much we are able to do and how deeply we are able to go. At the close of a session I am so joyful and grateful, another piece cleared!!! Yeah!! I can feel the freedom of it. I am also generally energized and optimistic, and very important, full of love. I have received the answers to questions that I have carried for ages and insights that have brought peace to the deepest recesses of my being.

I am grateful to have met and worked with Sharon Sessions and since she has now moved even further away from where I live I am also grateful for Skype. I am happy to answer any questions or inquires about Sharon’s work and would welcome any opportunity to sing her praises. She is exceptional and her work is deep, profound, and effective; and this may not be an attribute that is usually associated with spiritual work but her work is also efficient.”

In gratitude and with love,
Phyllis Burt
Petaluma, CA


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