Soul Healing Individuals Class

Soul Healing Individuals Class

Maximum participants is 12 per class



Total Cost is $40.00 if registered before class


     Guided Meditation to Clear Personal Records in the 3 Halls of Records
        Lemuria                     Atlantis                      Post Atlantis
Guided Meditation to Clear Personal Energy Foot Prints Across the Earth


                   Current Soul Healing Class

Private Home
     5805 Westerwald Place,
Apt ( given to registered attendees)
Virginia Beach, VA 23462



           4th Wednesday of month ,    Sept 27 , 2017

@ 6:30PM to 8 PM


Class 4 from Sept 2011 was shared at the ARE
Psychic Fair on July 22, 2017
That recorded class is shared below


There are 3 additional recorded classes from Sept 2011
That can be puchased here.




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