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 Soul Healing is about healing the energy that you have created in this life time or in other life times.  Each life time, we draw on the universal energy to sustain our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies.  If the rate of the vibratory pattern that is imprinted upon the energy that passes through us is not high enough to return to the source, the energy is trapped here on the earth plane. This energy has our imprint upon it, so it knows who is responsible for re-absorbing it and raising its vibratory pattern to a level where it is free to return to its source.

This has been called karma in the past.  Many times when the energy returns, the spirit who is responsible for its creation, is not strong enough to re-absorb the energy and increase its vibratory rate; so it is released into the earth plane again in pretty much the same state it was in before.  Once the spirit leaves the physical body for that life time, this energy must be reclaimed by this spirit and it is encapsulated and stored into the etheric body.  Each new lifetime, each spirit tries to heal some of its encapsulated energy.

Soul healing is an energy releasing process.  It can be done with the assistance of someone able to access the etheric records ( with the spirits permission ) to assist the spirit to raise the vibratory pattern of the encapsulated energy, so that it is free to return to its source and the spirit is free of its return over and over again.

Sharon D Sessions has been trained in the art of Soul Healing for over 40 years.  Her own spiritual guides have revealed to her how to do this process of clearing and releasing for herself and others.

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In Person Soul Healing Sessions will be scheduled at
My Home Location:   Skilllman and Adleta Court, Dallas, TX

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Cost is $40.00 Cash/Check  or $45.00 Credit per Healing

Usually around one hour.

You can also use PayPal to make payments in advance

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Please include a message as to when your appointment has been scheduled and your full name plus anything that you wish to share with me before your appointment.   Thank You very much.


                                         Current Soul Healing Class

Cost is $40.00 Cash/Check or  $45 Charge at class or by PayPal in advance of class


                  Maximum participants is 12 per class

You can also use PayPal to make payments in advance

Make $45.00 payment to this email address

Please include a message as to when your class has been scheduled and your full name plus anything that you wish to share with me before your class. 

                                               Thank You very much.

Past Life Explanation and Clearing Benefits

Our past life memories are all stored in our subconscious.  Our subconscious memories are stored in our human energy field just like the memory files of a computer. That is, only a very small amount of the information that is stored in a computer appears on the screen.

To access any information stored in computer memory files we simply need to know how to access it. In a like manner, to bring our past life memories into our conscious thought process we simply need to know the proper technique to access our prior life memories. In recent decades, man has learned these techniques. The past life and life between life, recorded into books, experiences of thousands of ordinary people has shown us some remarkable information about ourselves.

One of the key facts about the reincarnation cycle is that all of our lives are all inter related and represent a natural evolutionary progression of events, directly related to the law of cause and effect. The analogy is that each of our lives is like a chapter in a book, where each chapter is a natural progression of the previous chapters.

This is a very new concept for some people but rest assured that our life challenges are not the result of some random chain of events. We attract our life challenges and problems to us.

In fact, if you are currently dealing with a significant challenge or crisis in your life it generally originates from a vibratory memory that is held somewhere within your field. We all have these energy blocks or vibratory memories to one degree or another.

Each energy block represents a life lesson that we will learn from in connection with our evolution through the reincarnation cycle. These energetic memories or blocks originate from an emotional and mental experience which is an unresolved life lesson from our current life or one of our prior lives.

By reviewing these prior experiences we obtain a considerable education about ourselves and our problems. In cases where we review unresolved prior life events that are manifesting as a current life challenge, the education obtained is often the key ingredient in learning the applicable life lesson.

Once the applicable lesson is learned, the energy block is released forever from the human energy field and the life challenge is overcome. Thus, past life review represents a new, quicker alternative to solving our current life challenges.

One of the most frequent reasons people desire to explore past lives is to understand relationships better. Close, loving relationships never happen by accident — they emerge out of centuries of experience with that other soul.

Learning to love, to be compassionate, to genuinely desire that all beings, all life forms, be shown kindness — this can take countless lifetimes — and yet mastering these energies are the most important of all, for they are what makes us truly human.

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