Soul Healing – Class Format

                     1.      Clearing Akashic Records in the 3 time periods

                                       Post Atlantis  ,  Atlantis  ,  Lemuria

                     2.      Clearing the Energy Footprints across the Earth


48de6195628258b41b18203282b4cc38_uc78        There are 3 Halls of Records

                                              each with a Keeper of the Scrolls.


                                        Guided meditations to the 3 Halls of Records

              to clear a personal issue, or a situation,

             or a concern of your choice,



                                      Lemuria                      –      Mt. Shasta            

                                Keeper of the Scrolls    –      Lady Crystal

                                      Atlantis                       –      Stone Mountain        

                                Keeper of the Scrolls    –      Balthazar

                                      Post-Atlantis             –      Grand Tetons          

                                Keeper of the Scrolls    –      Hollowsworth


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