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Advanced Reiki Healing

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Experience LifeForce Rejuvenation Reiki Energies in a Healing Session that brings you an enhanced wellness  & peace within your body, mind, emotions & energetic body as well.

Reiki energies are well known to bring relaxation and an easing of pain and suffering.

Treat yourself today and start your process to greater well being, peace & joyousness.


Sharon D. Sessions is now offering LF RR Healing Sessions
Address is near Newtown Road & Virginia Beach Blvd.

Call or Email to setup your session today.


One Hour Healing Session  —  $50.00   Cash   or  $55.00 Credit



Personal Spiritual Guidance


Insights from the Ascended Master Realm

Overseen by Ascended Master Kuthumi

$40.00 Cash / Check or $45.00 Credit Card  for 30 min session

I have worked with my Master Teacher, Kuthumi, since 1973, When I first began my studies with Elizabeth Pelly, a conscious channel for the Ascended Master Realms, in Dallas Texas for 10 years from 1973 to 1983, when she made her transition back into Light.

 During the 4 years after Elizabeth made her transition until I moved to San Francisco  1983 to 1987, I channeled from the Ascended Master Realms, weekly for the small group of 3 others that were in my class with Elizabeth.   There were general messages given and also specific answers for questions from the group.  These new personal guidance readings will be along the same pattern as those weekly meetings.

Special Offer : If you provide me with a testimonial after the completion of your Personal Spiritual Guidance Reading, I will give you a $25 credit for any of my other services.




Personal Spiritual Development Class

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These classes will be structured as my own classes with Elizabeth Pelly were structured.  I will be channeling my teacher, Ascended Master Kuthumi and also other Ascended Masters as well such as St. Germain, Lady Portia, Quan Yin, Hilarion, etc.  After the channeled message, a question and answer period will begin.    The class message will be recorded and be available for purchase online after the class.  Those in attendance will receive a copy as a part of the class.  

The classes will be offered on a 4th Sunday, monthly basis at first and will be started on Sunday, May 28th in the afternoon at 4PM to 5:30PM.  

Current Class is now Sept 24, 2017

Please send an email to  in order to register for the class.  There are limited apaces available for the class.

Donation only.

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Kuthumi Class    May 28, 2017