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LifeForce Rejuvenation Reiki Activations Testimonials


LifeForce Rejuvenation Reiki Activation plus Soul Healing Clearing


From Erika – I attended your LifeForce Rejuvenation Reiki & KA EVA class last night.  It was so wonderful. Thank you so much.  And, Thank you for having the heart to help and heal people.  I look forward to the next one.    


From Barbara  –  Sharon’s series of empowerments began an intense inward healing journey for me.  The safety she creates and the trust I have in her allowed me to tap instantly into a deeper place and begin the work that has been a long time coming.

The inner process and my faith in it has continued in the five months since the initiation, with new insights and synchronicities occurring almost weekly and spilling into all my processes — dream work, SoulCollage and art journaling.

I sincerely hope she can bring these kinds of personal awakenings to more and more small groups — because I’m convinced that personal healing will affect our cultural healing.


LifeForce Rejuvenation Reiki Activation Only


                   Earth-Keeper Conference – Mt Shasta 06-15-2012

We are honored to be of service to these wonderful Teachers ( A____, Sharon Sessions, C____ ) and are happy to promote and heartily endorse their work.  We highly encourage each of you to attend her brilliant & amazing class … Masterfully Taught by a Master.

By James Tyberonn, Author and Channel. Leader of Earth-Keepers


                                 Earth-Keeper Conferences  Attendees

Reiki has definitely shifted for me since (the LifeForce Rejuvenation Reiki Activation ) in 11.11.11 and I do indeed find it more powerful. It is actually astonishing me what is happening.  I’ll keep you updated as I go.

JR, Texas   ( Reiki Practitioner )


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