LF RR History

The Past Life Foundations for the LifeForce Rejuvenation Reiki Project.

The Creation Journey actually began many centuries ago for The Feminine Aspect, Sharon D Sessions, in Egypt when she experienced a very disruptive Kundalini Awakening while she was an initiate in the Temples there. She completely healed her physical body during that lifetime and went on to live for over 1000 years.

A Former Masculine Aspect Partner, Colin Bradley, was added to this Journey during a joint lifetime in the Temples of Delphi,where they both achieved a Full Kundalini Awakening and Complete Physical Body Age Reversal.


Feminine Aspect Current Life Time Journey

In 1971, I discovered the book ” There is a River “. It provided me with the information to be able to make a transition from the Southern Baptist tradition that I grew up in, into the Metaphysical World that I live in today. I began attending a Dallas ARE study group and became a member of the ARE.

I met Elizabeth Pelly, who was a conscious channel for the Ascended Master Realm, in 1973 at the ARE study group. She was offering Personal Spiritual Development Classes. I became one of her students for 10 years of weekly classes, until her transition in 1983. I also began remembering my own past lives during this 10 years of concentrated study. Going from the dream state of recall into fully conscious, awake remembering.

My Kundalini Journey in this current lifetime began in 1984, when I again found my Master Teacher from the Delphi Temple lifetime and he again activated my Kundalini Energy completely. His name was “Dr. E.E. (Isa) Lindwall” better known as just Doc Lindwall. He also developed a methodology for releasing life tramas and traveled around the earth helping others. http://releasing.org/lw/isa-and-yolanda-lindwall.php
This was a semi-distruptive occurance, because of some major Heart Chakra blockages from other lifetimes that had occurred after the lifetime in the Temples of Delphi. It felt like my base chakra had been plugged into a 220 electrial wall plug.

In 1986, I was guided to take the Usui Reiki attunements in order to calm the Kundalini Awakening down. And, the Usui Reiki attunements did just that. I was most grateful. The energy went into a calm mode again for many years.

In 1995, I completed my Usui Reiki Master training and received my Certification from Linda Ball in Dallas, Texas.

In 2009, I began the Heart Chakra clearing process in earnest. And, on 12-12-2009, during a Keeper of the Violet Transmuting Flame Ceremony, my Kundalini Awakening completed it’s physical journey through my body. My Spiritual Guides informed me that day, that my physical body would now begin to heal from the inside out and bring about a full age reversal process.


Former Masculine Aspect Current Life Time Journey

During June 2010, during which Sharon met her Former Partner for the first time during this current lifetime, she was asked by her Spiritual Guides to have a discussion with him about assisting her to bring forth a Kundalini Awakening Energy form. She was to relate to him their previous life together in the Temples of Delphi many centuries ago.

After a good bit of persuasion by her Spiritual Guides, She finally did as she was requested. His response was somewhat lukewarm at best. And, when they met again at a 10-10-10 conference in Arkansas, they again had numerous discussions about this project. He was still undecided.

But, in January 2011, He finally agreed to participate in this project and their work together began.

It was a wonderful journey, although at times they would get stuck on how to proceed, they would eventually be given guidance on how to continue moving on with the project.

Addendum: In June 2012, Sharon D Sessions’ Former Masculine Aspect Energy Partner chose to end his participation in the LF RR project.


LifeForce Rejuvenation Reiki Current Completion Level

February 2016, Former Masculine Aspect Partner, Marcus Walther, & I have completed the upgrading process of the KA-EVA, so that the energy is a fully balanced Masculine – Feminine energy. The LF RR KA-EVA now has a new timeline of 5-6 years from initiation-activation to full age reversal. As given in the Edgar Cayce readings, the age reversal process is 7 years, because our physical bodies replace every cell every 7 years.

January, 2017 Former Masculine Aspect Partner, Marcus Walther, and I have completed the Co-Creation of the LifeForce Rejuvenation Reiki Master Level of this new Reiki Tradition.   And, Marcus has decided to go in a new direction. 

I have the next Master Level of the KA-EVA energies to still complete with a new masculine partner in the future.  If you find yourself interested in exploring this joint project with me, please contact me at the below email or phone number.

Sharon Sessions

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