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Virginia Beach, Virginia


LifeForce Rejuvenation Reiki Activation Workshop


LifeForce Rejuvenation Reiki Levels [1 & 2]
Synthesis of 14 Master Level Reiki Traditions.

Used 12 current Master Level Reiki Traditions

& 2 totally new Traditions.

Balanced Divine [Masculine & Feminine] Energy


LifeForce Rejuvenation Reiki – First Clearing Level

Usui Reiki — Level 1 To Level 3 [Master Level ]
Kundalini Reiki – Level 1 To Level 3 [Master Level ]
Kundalini Reiki Boosters Level 1 To Level 6
Gold Reiki Level 1 To Level 6
Ethereal Crystal Reiki Level 1 To Level 6
Tachyon Reiki  Level 1 To  Level 9
Angelic Reiki — Level 1 To Master Level

Each Component is a fully blended Divine [Masculine & Feminine] Energy


LifeForce Rejuvenation Reiki – Second Clearing Level

Diamond Sacred Heart Flame Reiki — Level 1 To Level 9
Egyptian Ahara Reiki – Level 1 To Master Level
Karuna Ki Reiki — Singular Attunement
Kristic Reiki — Level 1 To Level 6
Silver-Platinum Zaphaerel – Singular Attunement
Golden Dolphin Energy of 1 – Singular Attunement
Ascension Reiki — Level 1 To Level 10

Each Component is a fully blended Divine [Masculine & Feminine] Energy



After the LifeForce Rejuvenation Reiki Activations 1 & 2 and the Soul Healing Clearing, the KA-EVA Process begins.

The (Kundalini Awakening – Energy Vortex Activation) created by the Founders, Sharon D Sessions and Marcus B Walther, which is an Energy Vortex that a Full and Complete Kundalini Awakening was placed into from Sharon’s and Marcus’s own Energy and then they call in the God Presence      ( Mighty I am Presence ) of the individual who is being activated, and they turn the full process of the KA-EVA Activation over to the Individual’s God Presence.

This Kundalini Awakening is released gradually into the physical body of the individual attuned so that no disruptive early Kundalini Awakening can occur, since the entire process is controlled by the individual’s God Presence ( Mighty I am Presence ).

In due time, the Full and Complete Kundalini Awakening will complete it’s journey into the physical body, and the physical body will then begin the reversing of the aging process and create an age-less physical body.

Each Individual’s experience will be totally unique, because their own God Presence is overseeing the entire process.  But, according to recently given information, those individuals that have or will receive this KA-EVA from Sharon D Sessions and Marcus B Walther, will complete the full Kundalini physical journey up to the beginning of the 7 year cycle of age reversal in approximately 5-6 years on average.


LF RR Completion Certificates are available upon request

                  as well as each components manual


The LifeForce Rejuvenation Reiki has been created under the guidance of Masters Kuthumi,  Hilarion, and St. Germain and Lady Portia, Archangels – Metatron, Michael, Raphael, and Zadkiel. And, Lord Sananda and Lady Nada. And, assisted by The Golden Dolphins.

LifeForce Rejuvenation Reiki is the result of many hours of Guidance from Master Kuthumi.  Master Kuthumi is one of the World Teachers and is also known as Koot Hoomi and K.H.

Master Kuthumi comes to all of those who seek world knowledge in this time of change and will use that accumulated knowledge for the good of all. The Masters Energies are  being directed to heal the physical body and mind and emotions.

His requested goal of LifeForce Rejuvenation Reiki is that it be brought into the  realm of Humanity in conjunction with the mainstream Orthodox Medical Treatment at this time to assist the planet and all of Humanity in moving toward their personal Ascension.

LifeForce Rejuvenation Reiki is a Pattern of Healing that is intended to reach Critical Mass in the future and from that point to be available to every person, animal, plant, etc. on the planet simultaneously.


Sharon Sessions

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